Will you help us with a Challenge Gift?

Challenge gifts ($660 or more) are applied toward our appeal when the combined donations of other listeners meet a specified goal within a designated time period during the on-air portion of the appeal. This incentivizes listeners to donate because their donation is increased (usually doubled) through the challenge gift. While challenge gifts can be made during the on-air appeal, it is especially helpful to have as many challenge gifts as possible before the start of the on-air appeal to maximize donations through out the entire week.

Challenge gifts between $660 and $1259 will receive a Half-Day Sponsorship, or 12 radio spots. Challenge gifts between $1260 and $2399 will receive a Full-Day Sponsorship, or 48 radio spots (twice an hour for 24 hours - twice the number of spots especially for our Challenge gift donors). For gifts of $2400 and above, you receive a base number of spots *plus* bonus spots. You can use your radio spots to request prayers, honor someone you love, or promote your business on the air. (Gifts for $1260 pictured on left, and gifts for $660 pictured on right.)

To make a challenge gift, use the link below, or contact Zach Krajacic to discuss giving options at 1-877-711-8500. Thank you for your generosity!